The VeloStudio, a mobile and ecofriendly shooting studio!

An ecofriendly filming studio with two weels!

Our creative agency this is it® rides in Paris thanks to the VeloStudio, our mobile filming studio.


Being part of the Ecoprod approach, we pledge to limit the negative impacts on the planet throughout the creative process, including by the way we move on location.

The prodigious technological advances of the last decade allow us today to move to our filming locations by bike with a complete studio:

  • 3 ultra-high-definition 4K cameras;
  • 1 DSLR high-definition HD1080 camera;
  • 1 sport fisheye ultra-high-definition 4K camera;
  • 4 Lavalier wireless and 1 shotgun microphones;
  • 2 led light panels

and more, if needed.

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