General Conditions

Effective 1 June 2015

1/ Facturation Billing: The author bills the client in the form of an « note d’auteur/author’s fee » for which the author transfers all rights to the client upon delivery, according to the terms detailed under item « Transfer of right, » and excluding all other use. The total amount is not subjected to VAT according to article 292 B-III from the general tax code. Royalties are equivalent to a salary, and must include social benefits (health insurance, social security) and social taxes (CSG and CRDS). The author is an AGESSA member exempted from deductions. S2062 certificate sent on request. Member of a certified management association, payment by check in euros is accepted.

2/ Order confirmation: When a work is ordered, its content and visual aspect are considered approved if the order form is signed, if confirmation is given by mail or email, or if a deposit is made. Confirming an order involves acceptance of all detailed amounts, general conditions, and preliminary visual proposals. A down payment may be required at the time of the order confirmation.

3/ Payment: The client must pay within thirty (30) days of receipt of the author’s fee (invoice) by bank transfer or by check in euros (to Sébastien Brochot). Past the due date, reminders are sent every fifteen (15) days to the client by registered letter and with acknowledgment of receipt at the client’s expense.

4/ Content: Content used to create works (text, media, etc.) must be supplied by the client when the order is confirmed; the content quality must be high enough for the work to be created. The delivery of material or change of delivered material after the order has been confirmed will incur in additional fees.

5/ Intellectual Property: Sébastien Brochot is a member of SACD. He remains the owner of the work and the original elements that helped create it; he may decide to hold on to them and not deliver them to the client. The credit © Sébastien Brochot must appear every time the work is used or shown (law #92-597 1 July 1992). When using elements that are copyright-protected to create a work, the client commits to pay the fees associated with the purchase and use of these rights (Sacem, SACD, INA…)

6/ Fees: All fees that are necessary for creating a work (transportation, accommodation, food, supplies, insurances, purchase and rent of goods or services) are charged to the client and must be reimbursed within 30 days upon receipt of invoices.

7/ Cancellation: When canceling an order, administrative fees representing one third of the total invoice will be charged; already incurred expenses must be reimbursed upon receipt of invoices.

8/ Delivery: Delivery of the work is done via digital download (FTP) within 90 days after delivery and approval of all elements by the client.

9/ Alteration: Any alteration of the work after its delivery will require a new purchase order. Photographic or multimedia works worth more than two thousand (2000) euros can be modified once at no cost after delivery (only valid on editing, excluding new shooting or recording). The client has thirty (30) days to share a single and precise list of alterations to be made. Past this deadline, any alteration will require a new purchase order.

10/ Specific terms regarding photographic work: The client commits to facilitate as much as possible the author’s work during the photo shoot, by making preferred places and people available.